You Tube link list of Dr. Kawase's Memorial Plaque Unveiling ceremony videos

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Summary slide show of all events
The slide show which showes all events from 19th ~ 20th October 2010

Exhibition of Antarctic

Ms. Natalie Cadenhead guided us the exhibition of Antarctic

Attendants of the 223rd Meeting
Calling all attendants of the 223rd Meeting which was held on 19th October at Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central.

Donation for Rebuilding
Our donation was presented for rebuilding of Memorial Hall where Dr. Kawase's Memorial Plaque will be placed

Japanese culture
Vice Chancellor Roger Field was surprised at Japanese culture!

Short speech by guests of the 223rd Meeting

Exhibition in Library
During Campus tour, we looked the exhibition of articles about Dr Kawase which are remained in the Lincoln university library.

Greeting at the ceremony place
All attendants of the ceremony got together and greeted each other at the lobby in Landscape Architecture Building where the ceremony was took place.

Ice Breaking
Before the ceremony we had a great time.

Dr. Kawase's Memorial Plaque Unveiling Ceremony
Professor Roger Field, Vice Chancellor, Lincoln University
Syuko Fijimura, The daughter of Dr Isamu Kawase@
Makoto Kurehashi, The president of New Zealand society of Japan, Kansai
Shoichi Kawai, The consul of Japanese embassy Christchurch branch

Japanese towel (Tenugui) Present
Sachiko Gyoten, Setsuko Ohnishi and Sonoko Hayashi presented each attendant a Japanese towel which is called Tenugui in Japanese.

Dr. Kawase's Memorial Plaque
After the ceremony I felt a voice of Dr. Kawase

Visiting the Humes
We were invited BBQ by the Humes. They had a huge garden free in charge!

BBQ is starting now!